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King Lear

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King Lear

A family feud tears apart a kingdom in Shakespeare’s epic tragedy King Lear in the Globe Theatre this Summer.

When the aged King relinquishes his empire, he divides it amongst his three daughters, promising the largest share to the one who professes to love him the most. But when the balance of power transfers to the next generation, Lear is cast out by those he trusts, embarking on a maddening quest for self-knowledge and reconciliation.

A nightmarish family drama of global proportions, King Lear forces us to face our own humanity and the profound need for compassion.

Twenty-five years after their original, ground-breaking production, internationally lauded director, Helena Kaut-Howson, co-founder of theatre company Complicité, Marcello Magni, and ‘one of the greatest stage actors alive’ (Vanity Fair), Kathryn Hunter reunite to bring King Lear to a new generation. Kathryn reclaims the title role, with the Globe’s Artistic Director Michelle Terry as Cordelia and the Fool.

‘The oldest hath borne most: we that are young
Shall never see so much, nor live so long’
(Act V, scene 3)

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Friday 10th June - Sunday 24th July 2022

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Latest customer reviews

  • A fabulous treat

    2 July 2022

    Well, from the off, there were a lot of cleverer people there than me who will give you a more detailed intellectual analysis etc but for me, just simply a bloke who loves live performance and the richness and poetry of Shakespeare’s language, yesterdays King Lear was marvellous. Well cast, performed and choreographed. Booking now for more summer and winter events.

    PaulRelf Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Not a farce

    1 July 2022

    Unfortunately, on the night I attended, three of the leads, including Lear, were sick. The stand ins were professionals, but had to read from a printed script. Therefore, I may well have seen a performance completely different from what the director intended. In any event, the play I saw was peppered with farcical treatments of tragic portions. This seemed about as appropriate as jokes about abusing children. I'm not taking about the character of the Fool, dark as he is, or the wordplay that characterizes all of Shakespeare's writing. But mugging through Act I Scene ii (for instance) is not just weird, it is darn near vandalism, IMO.

    Philip Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • King Lear

    30 June 2022

    Our first experience of The Globe. Atmosphere very good and the theatre itself wonderful. On arrival we had little expectation as neither myself or my wife have any real interest in Shakespeare. King Lear story line was difficult to follow at times. Actors/Actresses were however fantastic. It was sometimes difficult to pick up what was being said.

    Anthony Fogden Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Power can corrupt

    30 June 2022

    Acting was subzero, showing that trying to totally control a dynasty can end in family wipeout

    Katy Orourke Confirmed ticket purchaser